Music tutors

The Irish music classes are taught by multi-instrumentalist teachers Gerry Diver and Helen Mullen. Instruments taught include tin whistle, fiddle, accordion, concertina, banjo, mandolin, flute, guitar and bodhran.

There is a beginner’s class from 6.30pm-7.15pm and intermediate/advance class from 7.15pm-8.00pm.

You will be advised on the night which class would be most suitable for you depending on prior musical experience. We welcome students of all ages, abilities and can accommodate musicians trained in other musical backgrounds.

The classes are designed to develop student’s aural abilities so the students quickly learn to play the tunes ‘by ear.’ Sheet music is provided as a memory aid but we strongly advise students to bring a recording device to lessons to accelerate their learning. Irish music is best learnt this way as the finer nuances of the music do not ‘sit well’ on the page.

Students can learn the music for pleasure and performances opportunities are available throughout the year or they can take graded examinations from Thames Valley University. Students have been highly successful in these graded examinations which have taken place annually at the hall for the last seven years with many achieving grades 6-8 which can be used as University Ucas points.

Classes are friendly and fun and we hope to see you down there soon!


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